Rugs and carpets add design and beauty to our home. Carpets can be placed in dining, stairway, bedroom, and most commonly in the living room. On the other hand, rugs are used in the entrance, bathroom portal, doorway to the laundry room and anywhere else. Of course, we also invest money in these things so it is reasonable that we sustain its usefulness and provide its needs to surpass wear and tear stage. Rug cleaning and sustaining its looks is a good way to make sure that they are in good shape. Keep reading to get some tips on how to do this.  

 Maintaining your Rug

What are the dos in taking care of rugs? 

This list will give you the major tips on how to take good care of your stuff. These things might not be too expensive but are essential in our household. Taking care of it is such an investment. Try to incorporate these items on doing your handling task to maintain your rugs. 

  • Proper storage of carpet and rug. It is important to store your stuff in a safe dry place where in its color and durability will surely maintain. Try to keep wrap them up before storing to ensure the cleanliness when the time comes that you are going to use it.  
  • Do regular vacuum. Cleaning on a regular basis can be a good habit. Aside from giving your house a quick retouch, it can also add to durability and usefulness of your rugs. Giving it daily cleans is a hygienic act. 
  • Clean immediately if spills happen. Act promptly when accident liquid leaks occur. Never let your carpet as is if that happens because it will leave a scar on your carpet under the name of a stain. And that is unacceptable especially if your carpet is a classic one and does hold a value. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight while drying. If you wash your rug and carpet be sure to use dry cleaning. However, if you really wish to wash it with soap and water and you are in the hanging part, keep your rugs away from direct sunlight. It will make the color fade and it may not be fixed. 
  • Be careful with the online tutorial of DIY. Do it yourself videos are helpful but if the viewer wishes to give it try and it happens that he misunderstands the processes, errors may occur and the final result may not achieve. So always take extra care on following the DIY tutorial in washing your rugs and carpets online. 
  • Get it cleaned professionally. Always take the job to the trustworthy and reliable professionals. It is always wise to take it to someone who is skilled and well-known carpet and rug cleaning services provider. You deserve their service. 

These tips could be a help to you. Just always take what is best in terms of handling your stuff. We also spend money on it so be sure to consume what it is intended to and get the most out of it.